Monday, June 29, 2009

Portfolio for Now

My website,, is outdated and needing a total overhaul. But I would like to have my portfolio out there including some recent work. So here it is.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blogging Again

We have been away from Internet, and email on my phone hasn't been
working...Anyway, the blog has suffered. Now my phone is working again
and I have a bit of time to write. Not much to say though. We have
been doing a whole lot of the same thing. Photographing villages and
rice fields. We have like three days left or something. Tonight we are
in a big city. Guilin. Whatever. Who cares. I will be home in three
days. That is neat. I wish it were less than three. I wish it were 2.

Here is a giant bug we found. None of the locals had ever even seen
one of these before. Check out the huge pinchers on his face.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rest Stop Bathroom, Chinese Style

That wall is only like three feet high...and nothing about a hole in
the ground flushes. I think "bathrooms" like these are pretty much the
reason why all of China smells of crap. And the absolute worst kind to
boot. Can anyone say "Diaper full of Indian food"? Sex Panthers are go!

Headed Into the Unknown

We flew to a new area and I am not sure what sort of Internet options
we will have from here on out. Even this phone's data plan doesn't
seem to be working here. Full bars, but no data abilities. That sucks
because I was always able to rely on this if nothing else. There is
some open wireless signal right now that I am on, so I decided I
needed to post something. Who knows when I can write again. I will
when I can, but just know that we are somewhere in the southern area,
driving from little village to little village, looking at old things.
Yes, it is just as exciting as it sounds.

I had a root canal right before I came here so I wouldn't have any
oral pain during this trip. Well, it is either still infected or the
root canal went bad, because there is pain and a lot of it. I am
trying to keep myself full of meds. I already emailed my dentist to
try to get in as soon as possible when I get home. But there is a lot
of mental anguish that goes along with this, so I am sure I am going
to need some sort of special therapy as well. Special therapy. I'll
look in to it. I'll even stare in to it. A good thorough looking.

Here are some girls from the last little village.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On the Run

We were going to stay two nights in the last place we were in...So we woke up, took horses up into the mountains. I refused to ride the horse because they were too small and it made me feel bad. And they walked slowly AND there were guides hold a rope to each horse in front of each person. Some were old ladies. Everyone on their horse looked like such rich lazy Americans. "Take me to the top of the mountain old woman!" So I never got on one. Don't you hate it when the situation around you makes you feel like that, and yet you aren't that type of a person? Those little horses weren't born to carry me to the top of a mountain, yet we make them do it. I don't care if they are strong. If I could get them to talk I am sure they would tell me that they prefer to NOT have a human on them. I would then give him a carrot for his info. Or whatever he actually wanted, because I would also ask him that too. Maybe he wants a Snickers bar. I would take that over a carrot on some days..The horse didn't want to do it. The old lady guiding the horse probably actually didn't want to do it, except that would help her earn her few dollars for the day. Sad. I love the people who notice things and say no more, instead of just going, "Wow! a horse so I don't have to use my legs! And a guide too! I'll bet she loves hiking! This is great! And it hardly cost anything at all!"

So we got to the top and we found out that the road we would be driving on the next morning was closing for two months. So we hurried back and packed and split to Ya'an. It felt like we were running from someone. Father Time I guess. He's a jerk. It was another seven hours or so in the rally van through a canyon. I swear, after I go home I am going to have a panic attack if I so much as hit a pothole. It will be nice to be home though. There are some things I am really looking forward to :)

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last three days or so.

Smoking something out of this huge bamboo bong

Cutest kid #1

Cutest kid #2

Windy Reed on top of MASSIVE new dam

Windy jumping Lucy on top of MASSIVE new dam

Stuck in Traffic Again

I am stuck in traffic, so I got out and shot a corn/wheat combo field. This must be where multi-grain cereal comes from. I should be able to make a decent entry tonight with photographs from a nice camera. Not
an iPhone.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waiting Around

Apparently, as I make entries using this iPhone, random hard returns get thrown in when it actually posts. Sorry about that. It bothers me as much or more than you, the viewer. Nothing I can do about it right now. We have a long drive ahead of us today, but I think that is mostly because of several one-way roads that we get stopped at and end up wandering around for an hour while traffic is stopped. So as we wondered the road just now, I took a picture of this pig. He and his friends were pretty pissed off. They got into a lot of fights with each other. Makes me never want to eat such an angry meat. I prefer the docile cow, or the figity chicken. I would never eat a chicken that had been in a cock fight. Or I would never eat a cow that had been red-carded in a soccer game. Way too angry of meat. I am typing on this iPhone, which sucks to begin with, but we are bouncing down a dirt road in this stupid van, so I am sorry for the crappy spelling and weird words that the phone may spit out. We are headed to a Tibetan village, where we are staying the night at someone's house. This is about the worst idea idea I can possibly think of. We have walked through many of these villages and I am nervous to even touch anything, let alone go stay there. I hope to be alive in a few days still. We all are desperately sick of Chinese food. Every meal, sun up to sun down....nothing like waking up to Chinese food for breakfast. Seriously? Yeah, so food was basically running through me and now it is just staying with me. Needless to say, I feel horrible. I am pretty just eating enough to survive, like with the very small amount of bread products available. I have a few of the greasy greasy vegetables. But I am not eating a lot. But I still feel huge and gross. You know something is wrong in your life when you crave McDonald's this much. My guts feel so sick right now. And we are just an hour away from more Chinese food! Sick! The Chinese photographer we are traveling with keeps telling us that we should eat it to experience the culture. Yet he lives in America and only eats Chinese food. He was the owner of China Lily in the River Woods in Provo. So I feel okay knowing that I have experienced very authentic Chinese food. I experience it twice, each time. I have had enough. I never want to eat Chinese again. Unless it is good Panda meat from Panda Express! 2

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Glacier

I am testing out posting from this iPhone. We went to this glacier
today. The clouds finally moved and let us get a look.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Nephew and More China

My brother Matt and his wife Brooke just had their first baby! I am pretty sad that I missed it. Kenneth Reed Rowe, 8lbs. 1 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. I cried when I found out his name. I don't know why. It just played with my emotions a bit. I am so happy for them.

So it has been forever since I wrote and uploaded some pictures. We just got to a new hotel and I am taking a sick day. I was up all night and I need it. The food....Yikes. We have been in the mountains. We stayed in a little castle-looking hotel in the mountains last night. We had to take a gondola up to it. We hiked more up to a Tibetan temple that was even higher. Very pretty up there. Now we are down in the city below it for the night. The hotel room is huge and super nice. The nicest room so far. Better than in Shanghai. Everyone went out to some national park while I stayed here. Most likely it will be the best day ever and I will have missed it. I am uploading just a bunch of pictures today. Just random stuff from the days I have missed posting. I hope there is something there that you all like looking at.

And don't forget people, you can click any of these photographs to enlarge them.

Kung Fu Lucy and Jessica

Camera shy Lucy

40 year old virgin Jessica

40 year old virgin Shad

Lazy-ass Panda trying to play a stupid stick flute

A big spill on the freeway holding up traffic

Jessica racing children from the village

Lucy and me by the river

The Silver Fox himself, John Telford in the wind

A cock I named Brian

My new friend, Caixia (Tsai Shaw)