Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blogging Again

We have been away from Internet, and email on my phone hasn't been
working...Anyway, the blog has suffered. Now my phone is working again
and I have a bit of time to write. Not much to say though. We have
been doing a whole lot of the same thing. Photographing villages and
rice fields. We have like three days left or something. Tonight we are
in a big city. Guilin. Whatever. Who cares. I will be home in three
days. That is neat. I wish it were less than three. I wish it were 2.

Here is a giant bug we found. None of the locals had ever even seen
one of these before. Check out the huge pinchers on his face.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rest Stop Bathroom, Chinese Style

That wall is only like three feet high...and nothing about a hole in
the ground flushes. I think "bathrooms" like these are pretty much the
reason why all of China smells of crap. And the absolute worst kind to
boot. Can anyone say "Diaper full of Indian food"? Sex Panthers are go!

Headed Into the Unknown

We flew to a new area and I am not sure what sort of Internet options
we will have from here on out. Even this phone's data plan doesn't
seem to be working here. Full bars, but no data abilities. That sucks
because I was always able to rely on this if nothing else. There is
some open wireless signal right now that I am on, so I decided I
needed to post something. Who knows when I can write again. I will
when I can, but just know that we are somewhere in the southern area,
driving from little village to little village, looking at old things.
Yes, it is just as exciting as it sounds.

I had a root canal right before I came here so I wouldn't have any
oral pain during this trip. Well, it is either still infected or the
root canal went bad, because there is pain and a lot of it. I am
trying to keep myself full of meds. I already emailed my dentist to
try to get in as soon as possible when I get home. But there is a lot
of mental anguish that goes along with this, so I am sure I am going
to need some sort of special therapy as well. Special therapy. I'll
look in to it. I'll even stare in to it. A good thorough looking.

Here are some girls from the last little village.