Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogging Again

I have watched people do some great things with their blogs. I want that. I have great intentions of such things, but like everything else in my life, I don't want to get started on anything until everything is perfectly in line. Which ultimately means that nothing gets done. I am designing a new website, so I wanted to have that whole look done so I could transfer it over to the blog...and then start blogging. But that drags and drags. So here I am, having just decided to blog as is.

So here is my first picture for my return to blogging. Last December there was a day called Christmas. I received this watch as a gift from Cate. It was a wonderful gift. It is so heavy that I actually had to go through an adjustment period where I would switch the watch to my other arm every few hours. Anyway, before the watch really got too worn I just had to photograph it. It is an amazing time-keeping piece.

Over time, if you like what you see here on this blog, pass it on.