Saturday, May 1, 2010

Japan 05/02/2010

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here. What perfect time of the year to
be here. I haven't been this excited about Japan in a long time. Cate
loves the city. Yesterday she said she had no idea it would be so
charming. When you think about Tokyo, obviously you think about
nothing but concrete and robots. But the trees and flowers here right
now, the weather, the design, all truly are charming.

Most people walking around right now are those who are just finishing
long nights of fun it looks like. Hopefully today we will get over to
Shibuya and check out the Mega-Uniqlo. Also get over to Yoyogi park
since it is such a great day, and over to Harajuku, since it is a
Sunday and all the freaks will be out.

Japan 05/01/2010

So open Wifi has been hard to come by, so I am not posting as much as
I would like to, but we found a spot tonight, so I will post really
quickly. We spent the day touring the city with Shoko's dad. We had a
great time. I got to see things I had not seen yet, and of course it
was a new to Cate. We had great weather too. Cate was sick, but she
was a trooper. We went for yakitori tonight. The liver was a mental
challenge. It tasted fine, but you just can't think about it too much.
It was barely cooked. I didn't use my phone today, so we just snapped
a quick shot for the post.
Jazz win. Great to hear.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Japan 04/29/10

It was our first full day here. Shoko's parents took us out to
Yokohama. I had been out there before, but this was the most I had
toured around. Cate's first full day in Japan landed her in China town
with a Chinese lunch. Totally awesome. We did the SkyWalk. It was
crazy windy, but we had a great time. We came back and walked over to
the local shopping area and went to Uniqlo. The best store ever. What
do you know, I found a new shirt. Cate bought some fancy socks and a
pink skirt. We came back to the house and had sushi, but not before
finding a store that sells all kinds of socks.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flying Over Alaska

I've flown over Alaska many times on the way to Japan, but today's
view was the best. Hopefully I will be able to put up shots from my
good camera while we are here. But for now, the pictures from the
iPhone are completely convenient. Sorry that the quality is lacking.

And here is a great shot of me preparing my customs form, and
sketching out a new website design for myself. Hopefully it will come
to fruition, as web designs for me usually do not!

We have arrived safely at Shoko's parents' house. Her dad is feeding
us delicious curry and showing us awesome pictures from Brian and
Shoko's wedding. I can't wait for tomorrow, to be well-rested, and to
take Cate out for her first full-day in Japan.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Elevens by Siege Audio

These headphones are hot. Just some more of the shots that I did for
Siege Audio. These come in blue, white, and yellow. Check out
for all their stuff.

Cate and I are leaving to Japan and Thailand in the morning, and we
definitely hoping to get some blogging done while we are there. Be
patient though, please.