Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thailand 05/08/2010

We are headed to the airport right now to catch a flight to Phuket. Thought I would just put up a few shots from yesterday's adventures. We were going to the Grand Temple (or something like that) so we had to be modest. Cate put on Jeans and a little sweater, I had on pants. It was closed when we got there, so for no reason at all, we both had to spend the rest of the day in outfits that are not conducive to 95 degree temperature with like 97% humidity.

Okay, we are headed to the beach now! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Japan 05/07/2010

Well we left Japan today. We had such a great time. Cate loved the city more than I even hoped she would. It was so much fun to experience Tokyo all over again, watching her see it for the first time. It made it feel new again, and I saw things differently. Plus, for the first time in years, I took my camera. My real camera and not a point-and-shoot. I feel that I got a decent amount of good shots, and it has been a while since I have felt that way shooting in Tokyo. I am excited to see them and post my real pictures here. Not just iPhone pictures.

We got into Bangkok and met up with Brandon. The airport is a totally new airport since I was last here. The new one is beautiful! I could have stayed there all day shooting. We got back to Brandon's place. He has a great apartment here. Right away we grabbed some food, got one-hour Thai massages, and hit the pool. Very relaxing. It is so different from Tokyo that you feel like you skipped to another planet within a few hours. We went out tonight and now we are exhausted. Cate is already asleep on the couch. One more day in Bangkok, then we are flying south to the beaches.

Here are some pictures. A few more from Shuichi's party that he emailed to me. A tasty plate of sushi that we had with Richie and Junko the night before we left. And a few from Bangkok, when we went out today to eat with Brandon. Both Cate and Brandon look thrilled. And a picture of a girl promoting non-alcoholic beer, and she looks just like my friend Becca.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Japan 05/05/2010

Today, we shopped. Japan is coming to a close, so we had to go pick up
those few things that we saw and said we needed to get before we left.
Pretty much just some stuff from Uniqlo. This morning I went out to
pick up some wi-fi so I could email, and I saw this taxi driver trying
to wake up the guy in the back seat who he had just brought to the
guy's hotel. He wouldn't wake up. I went over and looked at him. He
looked dead, but the kind of dead after your body has been prepped by
the mortuary. Peaceful, but dead. They finally got the kid's friend to
come out of the hotel to help try to wake him, and he did finally
wake. I took the two guys 15 minutes to just wake him up. He looked
like a zombie as he walked into the hotel.

Then we found some huge traffic cones. Lucy W., we hope you aren't too
bored at work :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Japan 05/04/2010

A few things from Japan:
1) Big obnoxious vehicles jacked up aren't cool in any country.
2) Darth Vader is advertising something all over this city.
3) The tallest tower in the world is half complete, but looks great
4) Dinner at Shuichi's was delicious.