Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phuket 05/13/2010

DELAYED POST! Due to certain situations, this entry was written, but not posted. Until now...

Well, it's our last night in Phuket. We fly back up to Bangkok tomorrow, and then back to Tokyo tomorrow night. We have some time in Bangkok before we leave, so we will hang out with Brandon for a while. He was here with us but had to fly back to Bangkok. He was stressing a freelance job that he has. He left the final file for a client uploading when we left, but something got screwed up in the transfer and ultimately it never finished. It screwed up his email too, so he couldn't communicate with the client either. Anyway, he left on Wednesday to take care of it. That sucked, but I know the stress of situations like that. It's just horrible when you get it taken care of and the client acts like it wasn't a problem at all, and you realize you didn't need to be stressing it at all.

So we leave Bangkok at 10 at night, getting in to Tokyo at 6 am. We have a TWELVE HOUR LAYOVER in Tokyo, before the 9 hour flight back to San Fran. So we are going to leave the airport and go get a hotel in the nearest town. Since we will have already been flying all night, it will be nice to have a decent sleep instead of sitting in an airport for 12 hours before such a long flight. It will help it feel like 2 days instead of one looooooong one.

Originally we wanted to come to Thailand before Tokyo, because it sucks to go from suck an organized and clean place to such a rushed and dirty one. But in the end we loved it. We have relaxed so much here. Just taken it easy. Sleep in everyday, lay on the beach like sloths, come home and clean up and go to a nice was all so very nice. Very relaxing. We are ready to come home now, but it has been such a great trip for so many reasons. 

They have a new Hard Rock Cafe, so we went there for dinner after swimming long enough to be the last ones in the water (at least in our general vicinity) and watching the sun set. So here are a few final pictures from tonight. Cate deciding on what to get, the outside of the building, a cool new building across the street, and one of the new tsunami evacuation route signs on the beach. It's sort of freaky swimming in waters that were hit by the tsunami and now have signs posted all over. Luckily, the waves stayed nice and small while we were here.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Phuket 05/10/2010

We flew down to Phuket today. Nice short flight. What do you know?
It's hot down here too, but at least there is a beach so you can do
something about it. Brandon and Vita came down with us too. I admit, I
have no idea how to spell her name, but Vita seems right. It sounds
like Veeta. No real adventures yet. Just came to the hotel, which is
directly across the street from the beach. Beach, tiny road, us. It's
$21 a night. Ahhhh Thailand. So we rested, then went and ate and
walked all the way up the beach. On the way back I finally took some
time and found a pair of swimming shorts I can handle. It seems these
days that swimming shorts are getting longer, thicker, and covered in
more and more embroidered logos. Most of the shorts here are some sort
of fully embroidered Ed Hardy crap that feel like they weigh 10 pounds
a pair. I am guessing they would stay wet for about 2 hours. Who wants
that? Why would the market demand such horrible shorts? Luckily I
found something much more minimal. Mostly I'm just happy to have
something so I can go get in the water now.

Here are some more iPhone pictures. The first one is tough to see, but
it was this funny little island we flew over that had clouds over it
in the same shape as the island. I know there is something that makes
that happen, but it's funny to see. One shot of the airplane after we
got off, and a shot of Cate still reading when we were waiting for the
taxi. She is such a cute little nerd. And then I just took a quick
shot of my new shorts. I just realized I talked quite a bit about
them, so I should at least put a visual reference to them. Nothing
amazing, just not Ed Hardy. That is the way all life should be...sans
Ed Hardy.